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Offers & Gifts

For birthdays, weddings or just because you think they deserve it, a gentle push towards something you know they really want to do makes for a great gift. Many of my most long-standing students started this way.


Choose  any number of lessons to buy as a gift and recieve a bespoke voucher/certificate to present on the big day. Choose your own wording, and I'll post it to you, or email it so you can print it out secretly yourself. Call me to discuss latest availabily of times and any other queries.


See T&Cs for Further info regarding all lessons

Lessons are for 1 hour and cost £35.00. For teenage students 40 minute lessons are available for £23.00 and half hour lessons for children area for  £17.50


A 40 minute introductory assessment lesson for £23 is available to adults.


Lessons are pre - purchased in blocks of four at £140 for the 1 hour lessons, £92 for the 40 minute lessons and £70 for the half hour lessons.


Evening lessons are normally once a week (at the same time); schoolchildren (and feckless college and uni students) may follow term times if you wish... and of course holidays may  be taken when you (or I) need them. Some fortnightly 1 hour slots are also available.


Daytime lessons can be weekly, fortnightly or even ad hoc if you wish


For advanced students and professionals studying theory, composition, imrovisation etc. lessons will also usually be on a fortnightly ad-hoc basis.

Standard Lessons please note new prices

Learn one special song – e.g. for a wedding 

Many songs can be simplified so that even if you don't play, or not very well, we can create a version for you to perform for a special occasion



Singers – learn to accompany yourself with chords - book an introductory set of 4 lessons for £120 Iinstead of  the full £140



Learn to play simple boogie woogie - focussing on chords rather than reading 'dots'. Book a trial lesson and if you have the aptitude then buy a  set of 8 lessons for a discounted rate of  £240 Iinstead of £280



Special Packages

I currently have some weekly (all lengths) and fortnightly (1 hour) spaces available  Mon- Thurs daytime andx Tues, Weds, Thurs evenings. Things change often so please ask.

Useful Extras


keyboard hire  


Don't have a piano? Not sure about choices? Just startingand  not sure if you want to commit to buying yet?

I have several keyboards to hire for £2/3/4 per week


Waiting room


We have a beautiful study/waiting

room - wait while your children

are here or come as early as you

want for your lesson, bring a book

or laptop and just relax in our

1920's Parisian Deco club chairs

or Victorian chaise.


The Garden


In the warmer months you can also  relax outside in one of the many seating areas in our National Garden Scheme Garden (I also design gardens). Feed the squirrels and birds, watch the frogs!! See Pictures




Feel free to park on our gravel drive if there's space, or on the road - no yellow lines! You'll need to park half on - half off on The Drive, or park round the corner on Fog lane.

Practical music theory for beginners and intermediate


If you are already play keyboards or another instrument, or you are a writer; and whether you are self - taught, classically trained or come from a production background, there comes a point where a bit more understanding of one sort or another can help. So if you want to play in different styles, read chords instead of dots (or indeed vice versa), master boogie woogie, discover improvisation or just write better music then I'm keen to help - give me a call.

All my teaching from beginners onwards includes showing how music is actually created, understanding chords and simple composition and improvisation, advancing as you advance.

Areas of music study include:

- The underlying principles of chords and harmony

- basic and advanced reading from chords

- how to adapt chords to different playing styles

- writing and playing in different styles

- approaches to improvising

- simple, intermediate and advanced jazz and associated musics

- how great (and awful) tunes are written

- developing your technique to keep up with your new-found genius

- music arranging.

Development for advanced and professional musicians

Music Theory